The Battle of the Somme (Document of Learning)

One of the largest battles of the First World War was the Battle of the Somme. It was the largest on the Western Front, and lasted five months. At the time it was referred to as the Somme Offensive, taking… Continue Reading →

Ambrose Shea addresses Newfoundland (Document of Learning)

Hear me, my fellow Newfoundlanders, confederation is what we need. Our isolation from the mainland colonies means that we fend for ourselves most of the time. Is this a problem? Yes. Newfoundland is a sustainable colony, but we are not… Continue Reading →

John A. MacDonald? More like John A. MacDon’t use his name anymore.

John A. MacDonald was our founding father, the first prime minister of Canada, whose worst mistakes have had lasting negative consequences. Though he opened the first Canadian Parliament, he is also responsible for imposing the Chinese head tax and for… Continue Reading →

Nuking Stuff (In-Depth Week Eleven)

I finally got a mentor, and he is awesome. His name is Mark, and he has been a visual effects supervisor on a multitude of blockbuster movies (Tropic Thunder, Dark Shadows, The Great Gatsby, Snowpiercer, Elysium, Thor: The Dark World,… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation (Document of Learning)

The Métis are a group of people who, under the Constitution Act of 1982, are recognized as an aboriginal people of Canada, along with the First Nations and Inuit. The true description of the name itself is a messy topic. Its… Continue Reading →

Is Canada a “Postnational” State? (Document of Learning)

One particularly significant event in the history of Canada is the War of 1812. This is mainly a political event in our history because it involved the United States attempting to seize control over parts of Canada. The United States was… Continue Reading →

Sky Replacement (In-Depth Week Seven)

My learning this week has been less exciting. What I have done is basically combined what I have learned so far and used it to create something I had in mind a while ago. A few weeks earlier, it was… Continue Reading →

Sourcing a Significant Personal Object

What is the story of my fidget cube? My fidget cube is a primary source of information for its own story and the story of the “fidget epidemic” of the late 2010s. It was given to me by my friend… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking Response

How can we make sense of the complex flows of history? I think this question will be the one that will provide the most vibrant and challenging Social Studies experience for our class this year. It is the most important… Continue Reading →

What Is Masking? (In-Depth Week Five)

Masking is a fundamental tool of visual effects used widely in films with tons of visual effects and even ones without any (seemingly). Masking is the process of piecing together, or layering together different shots, or in many cases different… Continue Reading →

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