On the days leading up to Night of the Notables, I had this a very clear of how I wanted my learning centre to be experienced but afterward, I did not feel as satisfied as I had hoped. I mean, it went well, people saw it and appreciated it but it felt so short. All that work for this one night where people just stop for a few minutes and leave. I did feel confidence when people inquired about my eminent person. There was one visit which I appreciate more than any of the others from an older man who took the time and read all that written in my learning centre. He really seemed captivated by what I wrote and compared it to the video that was playing. On the other hand, it took one man a good twenty minutes just to pronounce my eminent person’s name and by that time he still had no idea who he was or why he was important. Was it my fault? Who knows? I am so glad I got that green paper from the office to make a poster. I imagine my project would look very dull without it. As an introduction to my learning centre, I would ask people if they recognized any of the movie titles presented, that worked really well. I think I made a good presentation. I am definitely going to reuse that cardboard camera I made. I put a good deal of effort into it and I will not let it go to waste.