One particularly significant event in the history of Canada is the War of 1812. This is mainly a political event in our history because it involved the United States attempting to seize control over parts of Canada. The United States was unsuccessful in seizing control over any part of Canada during the war but managed to capture Lake Eerie (nice try). The ideas of Canadians in this historic event were not intended to bring us closer to a state of postnationalism because at this point in history Canada just wanted to be a state of its own and not lose its territory to American invaders. However, it did help Canada protect and nourish those ideas in our country today such as the idea of postnationalism. It showed that Canada was most certainly a nation of its own and was willing to fight under its own flag to protect itself and its people. Without having the War of 1812, Canada might not have the luxury it does today of being able to argue its own identity as a nation. At the time, the population of Canada was not as mixed as it is today, and the people were not on inclusion and empowerment, especially during the war. But if Canada had not fought for its values back in 1812, we would not be able to fight for our own values today, even though those values have changed. If the Americans had seized control of Canada in 1812, our values would align to theirs and probably not the ones we cherish today such as our multiculturalism. It is my personal there is no point in trying to define a specific Canadian identity. Maybe a long time ago, like 1812, that would be a more realistic and admirable goal for Canada. But in this day and age, Canada is so diverse already that our diversity has become what defines us as a country, and I think we should stick to it. So, in the end, the victory of Canada against the American invasions of 1812 ended up being a crucial step towards helping Canada achieve its postnational state.